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WootWatcher QR Code

WootWatcher is a simple, free Android app that lets you browse the main Woot.com sites, and notifies you whenever a new item is for sale. WootWatcher is highly configurable, and includes a number of handy features:

  • Notification customization, including sound, vibration, and LED color.
  • Separate settings for Daily Woot notification and Woot-Off notification.
  • Intelligent scheduling of site checks. It knows when daily Woot changes occur and doesn't check the rest of the day.
  • Aggressive, but self-adjusting checks during Woot-Offs. It doesn't check as often when there are still lots of items available, checks more often when the stock gets low or sells out.
  • Optional Battery-Friendly mode for Woot-Offs. Lets Android schedule the checks every 15 minutes or so. Saves a ton of battery life, but you tend to miss some items
  • Handy "Mute All" option in the menu turns off audio and vibration for all notifications.
  • Share Button lets you tell your friends about the current Woot item.
  • Ability to disable notifications for individual Woot sites.

WootWatcher is a work in progress. Here are some of the features that are planned.

  • Push Notifications -- Coming very soon for Android 2.2 and up. Support for lower versions are still a possibility.
  • Ability to completely remove Woot sites that you don't want to see.
  • Service Disabling -- Turn off the background service when not in use, or disable it completely.
  • Improved Daily Woot Reliability -- Some users report that Daily Woots are sometimes missed. I'm researching ways to make this more reliable.
  • Improved User Interface -- It's not very pretty at the moment. Contact me if you're good at this sort of thing, and are willing to help.
  • Custom Notifications -- Custom notifications based on the title of the item for sale. For example, "Bag of Crap".
  • Support for non-standard Woot sites -- Deals.Woot, HappyHour, Moofi

Help support WootWatcher development by making a donation.

Suggested donation amounts:
  • $0.99 -- That magical amount that is somehow so much less than a whole dollar.
  • $2.75 -- The price of my daily short double latte.
  • $4.25 -- My hourly wage at my first job.
  • $8.00 -- The price of a B.O.C.
  • $10.77 -- The price of a cheese pizza and a large soda at Panucci's Pizza. Also, my PIN number.
  • $25.00 -- The amount I paid to become an Android Developer
  • $110.38 -- My monthly server bill.
  • $1,009.99 -- That new computer I've had my eye on.

Ben Tobin © 2010